Why Industrial Vacuum Solutions Should Be Your Life Time Vacuum Solution?

We offer only the very best vacuums made in the USA. 


· Industrial, Commercial Portable Vacuums

· Explosion Proof Vacuums for wet/dry 

· Built-in Vacuums

· Immersion Vacuums.  12 gallon water/oil bath. 

Over 30 years experience in the vacuum industry 

Our manufacture is based in Holyoke, Massachusetts, USA. Replacement parts can usually be shipped within a few days, keeping downtime to a minimum. With foreign-made brands, there can sometimes be days/ weeks of waiting for parts to get through customs, which can mean weeks of expensive downtime.  


More unique and unmatched features of Ruwac Vacuums:

They have their own in-house engineers that can custom design to your needs. ·

The compression caste composite housing is literally bulletproof and shatterproof. 

· The housing will never dent, spark, rust, or get bent out-of-round like metal.

· Only Ruwac offers a Lifetime Warranty on the housing.

Our customers from 35 years ago are buying replacement parts not replacement units. Their grandchildren can be using the same vacuum they used.

· Explosion proof units are carbon impregnated to minimize Anti-static 10-6 ohms. No one else can offer this security and safety.


Only 45 minutes to perform proper maintenance as opposed to 1 –  2 hours of other Immersion vacuums. 

12 gallon water/oil bath.

A short four minute video at  shows the unique features of their user-friendly immersion unit.

· Single Stainless-Steel Venturi w/ air relief valve to ensure there is always enough air going through the turbine to prevent overheating and burning up if for any reason of restricted air flow, 15,000 hours of life before needing service.·  Our motors 100,000 hours of Life = decades.

· The dry vacuum units primary filter is a non-collapsible filter. That filters down to 0.5 µm. Only Ruwac offers a 3-year warranty. Average life is 7 – 10 years.

· The HEPA filter filters to 0.3 µm

· Meets or exceed U.S., OSHA, NFPA, UL strict requirements not European requirements like others.  

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We are "Your Life Time Solution"

Longo Bagger Accessory on DB-200 Unit

Check out this great demonstration video 

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